Velocitags Price Tag Software

The ease of use and overall capabilities are the main reason we went with VelociTags softwares. We tried two other price tag softwares, but neither could integrate with our POS system. After purchasing the software, I literally printed a price tag for every item on my main showroom floor within 30 minutes.
Dave Jackson
5 Guys Furniture

My sales people are so much happier printing tags with VelociTags. It is so much faster than hand writing them. I am also able to change them out quickly when there is a special occasion, and because I can print a cost code on the tag my sales staff doesn't have to ask me how low they can negotiate anymore they can look at the tag.
Jim Rathcur
Fitness Unlimited & Jims Gyms

When I purchased the software, I never thought about using the price tags to take inventory. One of my warehouse guys came up with the idea because he saw that I could print the tags with the barcode on them. We use the larger tags for our showroom floor and the sticker tags for the boxes in the warehouse. My inventory is more accurate now and the Velocitags barcodes worked with my current software for point of sale.
Agnieszka Wallcot
Furniture Traditions

At 37 bucks a month, the software truly pays for it's self.  I used to spend hundreds of dollars a month on tagging supplies, and my staff would waste at least 30% of the supplies on mistakes. We even had some issues in the past with leaving out a 0 in $100 and accidentally pricing an item at $10.   Can you say costly stupid mistakes?  Buy the software!  It will be the best 37 bucks you spend all month.
Susanne Spears
Street Flave Apparel

The number of customers that tried to negotiate with my sales people dropped considerably when I started printing price tags with VelociTags instead of hand writing them. I guess when they were hand written the price did not seem as permanent, so customers thought they could negotiate.
Nadhiya Bantha
Lighting Unlimited

We have a chain of 26 locations.  In order to avoid mistakes and costly labor, we would create all price tags at our corporate location, stick them in an envelope and then mail copies  to all of our stores.  Since we purchased Velocitags, that is no longer necessary.  Since VelociTags is Internet based, my staff can log in from each location and print tags with criteria that I have set.  We put our company logo at the top of every tag we print. We also really like the fact that there are tag sizes and options for all of the different types of products we sell.  I print tags on a full page for my mattress sets, and on the little stickers for the waterbed conditioner.  
Matthew Stokes
Sleep EZZZ Beds N More

About 8 years ago my husband and I bought a software package that I thought included everything I needed to run my company.  They claimed to print price tags, but what I got was not at all flexible and had very limited size options.  As an electronics store my merchandise ranges in size from big flat screen televisions to small cell phone boxes.  I needed to look professional so I could not hand write the tags.  Instead, I used to put a post it note on every item with what I wanted the tag to say. Then I would have a staff member go on the computer and hand type the tags and print them on a sheet of paper, then cut them out and shrink wrap or tape them to the boxes.  Now looking back I can't believe I did that for so many years!  I heard about Velocitags from members of my buying group that were using it.  I always thought I shouldn't have to be a big box store that spent hundreds or thousands on my software to be able to have a nice tag, but I didn't know I had another option until now.  I was pessimistic at first because I have made a lot of bad computer system purchases in the past, but I played with the demo and I figured it was affordable enough to give it a shot.  Velocitags worked easily with my current system.  Since I can do everything over the internet, I can create my tags from home and have them print at the store.  Now I recommend it to other members of our group.
Christie Elderson
Rightside Electronics

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