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The Problem

Have you noticed how long it takes you to price tag the items on your showroom floor? Not to mention the cost due to employee wages and the pre-printed price tag supplies!

When hand writing a tag, you first have to look up the manufacturer's item number, MSRP, and any other information that you want to put on that item's price tag. Then, you have to use some complicated equation and a calculator to manually compute your "Sale Price." Now, you very slowly write anything you want to say on the tag with a big black marker, hoping that you do not make a mistake, and have to throw away the tag. 

It could take you 2-10 minutes per item to do this properly and neatly, and again, if you mess up, you have to start over. New tags will constantly have to be created when new items are added to your floor, or replaced when old products loose their tags. What if you have 400 or 4000 items on your showroom floor? What if you have multiple showrooms? The process of tagging your items would never end, costing you hundreds of dollars in monthly human labor costs.

If you have 4000 items, what are the chances that this employee will make a mistake? How costly can that pricing mistake be for your company?

Even if the person does a great job writing everything out, and they never make a single mistake, your hand written tags will never look as professional as your competitor's who use a computerized system to quickly generate professional quality tags.

When customers come into your store and see handwritten price tags on the showroom, what does that say about the professionalism of your business? You could be losing numerous sales and thousands of dollars if customer's first impression is "How small of an operation am I dealing with?" or "Can they provide the quality service I want if they are not computerized?"

The Solution

Velocitags price tag software solves all of the problems. It even solves problems that you probably didn't even know you had.

We are an internet based software application, which enables retailers to utilize their product information to quickly create professional quality price tags inexpensively.

Velocitags not only acts as a stand-alone software package requiring no additional hardware or software to operate, but it also has the ability to interact with almost any point of sale software or vendor price lists thru the use of Excel spreadsheets, therefore making the practice of tagging and maintaining tags on all of your products a speedy process.

By providing a means to maintain the correct product and pricing information in your computer instead of in a handwritten notebook, it not only enables you to control the size, orientation, image, and details of the price tag you want to print, but also allows you to include any combination of product information such as suggested retail price, manufacturer's name and logo, brands, categories, dimensions, custom options and much more with a simple click of a button. 

Velocitags will eliminate costly mistakes by allowing you to set default pricing and product settings to show on each tag.  By loading your product information and cost list into the Velocitags system, you can even have the software automatically price your products by selecting a markup or cost multiplier for the computer to calculate. 

Because Velocitags is web-based, the process of creating price tags for multiple locations becomes a swift process by allowing you to utilize the software from any computer at any location that you can access the Internet.  Unlike other software, you don't even need to purchase special costly supplies to distribute among your locations.  Velocitags will print the tag of your choice on plain white paper or Avery Labels.  Making your tag printing options a truly mobile experience!

Within the first month Velocitags is guaranteed to become an irreplaceable tool!  You will immediately see a difference in the accuracy and professionalism of your tags.  Velocitags will save you thousands of dollars and countless hours over the course of a year, and will provide you with creative and specialized tags that will outdo even your largest competitors.

Imagine tagging your entire showroom floor faster, cheaper, more accurately, and with a far more impressive result. Now you can with Velocitags Price Tag Software.

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