Velocitags Price Tag Software


Save money on supplies - You don't need to purchase expensive pre-printed tags.  Print beautiful custom tags off of your own computer on plain white printer paper or Avery labels.

Save money on Employees - You no longer have to pay an hourly employee a fortune to write and rewrite you price tags. With Velocitags, print all of the price tags for your showroom in minutes.

Simple to Use - Designed with the retailer in mind, the software is easy, logical, and user-friendly.  Velocitags sets the standard for ease-of-use.

Easy Back Office Integration - You can easily import all of your product data from Excel. Therefore, allowing you to utilize vendor price lists or your current software package to access information that you want printed your on price tags.

Nothing Else Needed - Velocitags can act as your stand alone product database by allowing you to enter all of your pertinent product data into your own Velocitags system.  All the tags can then be generated using a basic printer and plain white paper or Avery labels.  The basic package includes everything you need to begin printing professional custom tags immediately.

Secure - Rest assured that the encrypted login password feature allows you to keep unwanted eyes from viewing your private product information.

Multiple Levels of Access - Velocitags offers levels of accessibility. This dynamic feature maintains high level information privacy secure from entry level employees.

Mobile - Pricing multiple locations becomes a swift process by allowing you to utilize the software from any computer at any location that you can access the Internet.

Wide Variety of Tags - Velocitags has over 300 different tag designs, ensuring you have the perfect price tag for every kind of sale or occasion.   You can also customize the tags by adding your own logo or images to the printing options.  Tags can be printed portrait or landscape in sizes ranging from 8.5 x 11 inches to .5x1.75 inches.

Extremely Reliable - Developed on a state-of-the-art programming platform, Velocitags will always be there ready to use.  Your system is hosted in one of the most prestigious facilities that boasts features such daily backups of your data, uninterruptible power supply, along with round-the-clock interior and exterior surveillance.

Accurate - With an automated system that houses all of your product information, there will be no more mistakes in your pricing, listed manufacturer attributes, miss-spellings, or legibility. The system allows you to select custom options each time you generate a tag and will print each tag according to the specifications you select.  Computers don't make mistakes! Get it right the first time!

Increased Perceived Value - Velocitags will add a touch of professionalism to your showroom floor. This touch could lead to higher gross margin sales.

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