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1. Why is Internet software better than software that I install directly on my computer? There is no initial Cost for the software. You just pay per month as you use the software. There is no initial hardware or software to maintain or configure. You pay for one license of the software and you can access the software from anywhere you have an Internet connection like your office, warehouse, or even at home, unlike desktop software where it is very unlikely you can use the software on any computer that the software isn't directly installed on. Every computer you want to install the software on is another license. We update the software constantly, and there is no new software you need to install to take advantage of the new software upgrades. They are automatically available to you, when you log in. Every night we back up 100% of your data for you at one of the top rated hosting facilities in the country. Honestly, when was the last time you backed up your data? With an Internet based software, your system is way more reliable. If something is wrong with your laptop just move over to another computer and print your tags. We spend a lot of money every month to make sure your software is available for you to use. With Internet software your overall cost is far less where your overall advantages are far greater than if you purchase a desktop software.

2. Why do I need software specifically designed to print price tags? Let's answer this question with an example. How long would it take you to dig a 2 foot deep hole with your hand? Let's say 3 hours. Now, how long will it take to dig with a shovel? 15 minutes. You can accomplish many things with out the right tools. All it takes is hard work and perseverance. But in business, it is not just about getting the job done. It is about getting the job done the quickest, cheapest, and most accurately. All of these things add up to your bottom line. You could probably tag your entire show room floor by hand with a marker and a price list in probably a day or two. Or you could use Velocitags, and have the entire process done in less than 3 minutes. When you purchase Velocitags, you will immediately start saving money on your payroll (hours it takes your employees to hand write price tags,) supplies (pre-printed price tags that your employees used to write on,) and most importantly your time.

3. Why would I buy your software if my Point of Sale software already prints price tags? Most Point of Sale software are just that, they do point of sale, maybe inventory, maybe accounting, maybe even purchase orders. But when the designers sit down, and say, "What else can we throw into the software to put on our list of Things We Do?" They sometimes come up with the brilliant idea of Price Tags. They are important to every retailer, therefore they should be in every POS software out there. The question is what kind of quality is that price tag module that the developers put into the software? What kind of control do you have over what to display or not display on a price tag? Does it print barcodes? How many sizes of tags can you print? Do they have a huge library of color graphics to put on the price tags? The answer is probably, "No." Our software was specifically designed for you the retailer, to take your price lists, and give you the best tools available to print the price tags that are perfect for you market, your sales, and your specific needs. Do you need an 8.5x11 tag for a mattress? No problem. Do you need a .5x1.75 inch tag for a coffee cup? We got you covered. We can even integrate with your POS software. Just export you product list into an Excel spreadsheet, and import it into Velocitags. The entire process takes less than 2 minutes. You can be printing tags in 3 minutes.

4. Why do I have to pay monthly? Velocitags is an Internet based software hosted at one of the top rate hosting facilities in the country. For this ongoing service you have to continually pay the monthly fee.

5. Why should I use software when I can hand write the tags? It goes back to the right tool for the right job. You will probably be able to tag your entire showroom floor in a day or two, and you might not have very many mistakes. All it takes is hard work and perseverance. But in business, it is not just about getting the job done. It is about getting the job done the quickest, cheapest, and most accurately. All of these things add up to your bottom line. How much does it cost to tag your entire showroom floor by hand? Let's figure it out. We will use 400 as the number of items on your showroom floor that need price tags. You will need about 425 pre-printed price tags because you will probably make an error on 25 out of 400 tags. They will cost you about $10 if they are the smaller tags (2x3 inches.) You then need to pay someone to hand write the information on the tags. Each tag will take 2 minutes if you write extremely neatly, and include pertinent product information on the tag (item number, manufacturer, size, etc.) I estimate that it will take a little over 14 hours with out any bathroom breaks. $7.25 an hour times 14 hours equals $101.50 plus the $10 for the tags, you are looking at $111.50. Not to mention that there are probably still errors on the tags, and you couldn't put a barcode on the price tags even if you wanted to. Why wouldn't you just purchase Velocitags, and get the whole process knocked out in 3 minutes? You would save a lot of money. The tags would look more professional. You would be certain that you wouldn't have any errors, and you could put the manufacturer's logos and barcodes on every tag if you wanted to, automatically.

6. Can I use the software on multiple computers / locations / stores? You can use the software anywhere you want to on any computer that has an Internet connection. You can print the tags on your home computer, and bring them into the store the next day, or even have every store print their own price tags if you have multiple showrooms.

7. Do I have to purchase a special bard code scanner in order to read the tags? No, first off, if you aren't already using barcodes in your store, you don't even have to print the barcode on the price tag. Just uncheck the box on the print screen, and they won't show on the printed tags, but if you want to print barcodes, Velocitags prints multiple barcode fonts which include 3 of 9, 128, UPC A, UPC E, and 2 of 5. You can choose which font to print on your tags. These are the standard font that most everyone uses, so if you already have barcode hardware, there is about a 99% chance that your scanner will read one or all of these fonts. If you don't have a scanner already just make sure to purchase one that reads one of the above fonts.

8. Do I have to purchase special paper for the tags to print on? No, Velocitags will print all of the tags on plain white printer paper in color or in black and white, whichever you prefer. We have however integrated with the Avery Labels, and you can purchase their perforated card stock or stickers in order to print your tags.

9. Do I have to purchase any special hardware to use Velocitags? No, as long as you have a computer that can get on the Internet and a printer, you can use Velocitags. No special hardware or software is required.

10. How does my product information get into the Velocitags? You can get your product information into your Velocitags database one of two ways. Either import it on an Excel Spreadsheet. The spreadsheet can come from your manufacturer's pricelist or your POS software's item list. Or you can enter the product information directly into the Velocitags database.

11. Does Velocitags back up my information so it doesn't get lost? We back up your data every night, so you don't have to. This is one of the major advantages of an Internet based software over other types of software.

12. Can I add my own graphics to the Velocitags price tags? You can utilize whatever kinds of graphics you want on the tags. We have seen people use their company logos, manufacturer logos, product images, or even pictures of their stores on the price tags.

13. What happens when you update the software? We update the software probably once a month. We will do it at about 3 a.m. on Thursday mornings, in order to minimize your downtime. You will not have to perform any tasks or updates to you computers in order to take advantage or see the updates. They will be there when you log into the software first thing Thursday morning.

14. Am I stuck in a contract? Of course not. We recommend that you sign up for whatever length of time that you think the product will be beneficial to your company. At any point in time during that time period, you can cancel. This will make sure your credit card is not charged again before the next billing cycle. We make request that you fill out an online cancellation form in order to find out your reason for canceling. This may help us to provide better products and service to our other clients in the future.

15. Is there tech support? We offer 24/7/365 online tech support. Just fill out the tech support form and we will answer your question/concern as quickly as possible. Keep in mind that we also offer comprehensive online directions, and a video series that will train you on how to utilize the software.

16. Do I have to load anything on my computer? No, you don't have to load anything onto your computer. That is the beauty of Internet software. There is nothing to install, update, or load. Ever!

17. How large/small can a tag print? The largest tag size that we support is 8.5 x 11 inches or a standard printer page. The smallest is .5 x 1.75 inches.

18. Can I up load my product manufacturer's logo? Yes, you can upload any image or logo that you want as long as it is in a standard .jpg format.

19. Are there written directions on how to use the software? Yes, we offer comprehensive online directions, and a video series that will train you on how to utilize the software.

20. How long does it take to get up and running once I buy the software? You could realistically be printing price tags in 5 minutes after purchase the software. You can with er import your items from an Excel spreadsheet or enter them directly into the Velocitags system. Either way, you could be printing tags in 5 minutes.

21. How many items can I have? You can have up to 25,000 items in your items database or up to 50,000 items on the imported .xls spreadsheet.

22. Do I get a discount if I pay a year at a time? Yes, you get a 7% if you pay for the entire year up front.

23. Will I be charged if use the software on one or more computers? No, that is the beauty of an Internet based software. We encourage you to use the software on any computer that has an Internet connection. There is nothing extra to load, there is nothing extra to pay.

24. How much does it cost monthly? How much does it cost for a year? You will pay $37 a month if you pay monthly, but if you pay for the entire year up front, we give you one month free. So you will only be paying $407.

25. Is my information secure? Your information is hosted at one of the top hosting facilities in the country. Not only do they do backups for you every night, but they also have the most state of the art encryption and firewalls in place to protect your data. Needless to say, the only person that can access your data is you, and anyone else you give your company's login id and password to.

26. Who has access to my information? The only person that can access your data is you, and anyone else you give your company's login id and password to.

27. Where and how is my data stored? Your information is hosted at one of the top hosting facilities in the country. It is stored on a cluster of servers behind a series of high-end firewalls. This increases security and reliability, and helps to ensure that your software and information is safe and readily available.

28. What resolution do the tags print? The tags print at 150 dpi.

29. How many different tag sizes and graphics are available for me to print? With over 300 different tag graphics, 12 different size, and 2 different orientations, you are sure to find many tags that are perfect for your product and your event.

30. What information can I put on the tags?

  • Manufacturer
  • Manufacturer Logo
  • Brand
  • Item Number
  • Description
  • Your own custom cost code
  • Barcode
  • Additional Details or Key Features
  • Length x Width x Height
  • Energy Source
  • Rebate Information
  • Fabric
  • Color
  • Weight

31. Do I have to buy stickers or special paper from your company? You don't have to buy stickers or special paper from any company at all. Velocitags was designed to print every tag graphic and size on plain white paper. We did however make it so that if you chose to, you could print on several sizes of Avery labels or cards

32. Will Velocitags work with my POS (Point of Sale) software? Velocitags will work with any software that will allow you to export your item list into an Excel spreadsheet from the software.

33. Can I import from my price list on a Excel spreadsheet? Absolutely, that is the method that we use in order to get your Point of Sale software to work with Velocitags.

34. Can the software help me price items by markup or cost multiplier? Yes, you can mark up off of the cost of the item, set a price per item, or even give a discount off of the set price per item. When you are marking up off of the cost, you can do it either by the gross margin of the sale, or by using a cost multiplier.

35. Is there a cancellation fee? There is no cancellation fee. If you are on the monthly plan, just cancel before your next payment is processed.

36. Will Velocitags work with my manufacture's bar code? Yes, just enter or import the manufacturer's barcode information into the system. Then choose which barcode font you would like to print on the item's barcode, and the software will take care of the rest.

37. Can I try it out first? Yes, you can either see our online vide by clicking here , or try it out yourself by clicking here.

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